Before stepping into the world of videography, The name "Sugar" was inspired by actresses in Hong Kong dramas. One thing you might not know is that one of Amanda's favourite food is tofu! Amanda decided to explore videography and when she had to come up with a distinct and unique name, she thought of - Sugartofu.

Born out of a passion for creative media and capturing precious moments, the idea of Sugartofu Production started when Amanda pursued a major in Film & Interactive Media from Temasek Polytechnic with recognition in the Director’s List.


Amanda then worked as an Assistant Producer in MediaCorp and various production houses, before she took the leap of faith to be a flight stewardess for 6 years. During which, she spent years living in the Middle East and travelling around the world, documenting her journey of travels and experiences through pictures and videos. She then went to pursue a degree in Digital Marketing and the Media. 

Growing up with a group of childhood girlfriends, Amanda had the honour to be a bridesmaid for all of their weddings. Each wedding captured a little piece of her heart; she has witnessed some of the most genuine and heartfelt moments of her life in each wedding she attended, all of which were captured by videography.

Sugartofu Production was finally birthed in 2014 by Amanda, who has always had a special spot in her heart for romance, dreams and stories.





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